Q: Do you provide meals?

 A: We do not provide meals. However, we do assist the individual in finding community resources to obtain food, i.e. food pantries, meals on wheels, etc.

Q: What is affordable housing?

 A: Affordable housing is housing that is determined to be affordable to those with median household income or below, as rated by the national government or by a recognized housing affordable index.

Q: What is all-inclusive housing?

 A: All-inclusive housing is a model that allows the individual or their representative to pay a set rate that includes furnished shelter and includes basic utilities, i.e. cable, electric, water, trash, Wi-Fi, Phone.

Q: Do you allow alcohol in your homes?

 A: No. Due to the unique needs of some individuals to live in a clean and sober environment, we do not allow alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Q: How much is rent and deposit?

 A: The rent and deposit are determined once we know more about the individual, identify the type of housing needed to be successful, and which of our homes has a vacancy that matches their need.

Q: Am I allowed to smoke?

A: Yes. You may smoke if you are 21, but you must smoke outside in the designated smoking area. You are required to immediately and properly dispose of any tobacco products in the provided containers each time. You may NOT smoke anywhere inside the house.

Q: How long am I allowed to stay?

A: There is no time limit if the resident: abides by all of the rules in the written agreement, treats all household members with dignity and respect at all times, and believes Picking Up The Pieces LLC is providing a safe living environment that is beneficial in helping them reach their self-determined goals.

Q: Do you accept pets?

A: We do not accept pets due to the various medical needs of our residents, i.e. We love cats, but we have a family member allergic to cats, so we are unable to have one.

Q: Do you accept families?

A: Our homes are currently set up to assist individual adults and are not designed to meet the needs of families. “Couples” may be considered but each one will have an individual agreement, rent, and security deposit as if they are single.

Q: Do you allow visitors?

A: Yes. Visitors are allowed. Visitors are required to follow all the conditions that the tenant agreed to in the agreement. Tenants are responsible for their visitors at all times. All visitors must vacate the property from 9 PM to 8 AM daily. 

Q: I have my permit; may I bring my gun?

A: No weapons of any kind are permitted on or around the premises at any time, for any reason.  This rule is strictly enforced.

Q: What can I bring with me?

A: Picking Up The Pieces LLC is just like living in your own home with family. You may bring décor to make your bedroom your own. You may bring your electronics, books, and other items you wish to have with you. However, because there are multiple people here, we strive to avoid clutter. Do not bring anything more than that which will fit comfortably in the assigned storage spaces.